The Arrow


TV Mini-Series 1997

It's Canada in the fifties and the Cold War is locked in a deep freeze. The 'Red Menace' is everywhere and the threat of nuclear attack by supersonic Soviet jet bombers is very, very real.

Crawford Gordon (Dan Aykroyd), President of Avro Aircraft is awarded the contract to design and build a fighter jet that will protect an entire continent from the Soviets. Galvanized in the pursuit of a shared dream, Crawford's brilliant Avro team creates a visionary delta-winged aircraft - 25 years ahead of its time! Overcoming technical obstacles and controversy, the "dream team" succeeds in lifting the Avro Arrow off of the drafting table and up into the heavens.

Sadly, not everyone is thrilled to witness the glory. Paranoid about Canada's perceived 'commie tendencies' and lax security, the CIA conducts 'cloak-and-dagger' operations on Avro property. Meanwhile, jealous Canadian rivals, determined to shoot the project down in flames, conspire with a naïve and newly elected Canadian government to label the Arrow a "lemon".

As the dream begins to unravel, so begins a dark and tragic tale of blind political ambition, international espionage, subversion and deceit.