TV Movie 2002

The compelling and provocative film is a dramatization of both the shocking June '99 beating that high school student Jonathan Wamback received at the hands of a teen gang from his own neighbourhood, and the subsequent efforts by his father to have Canada's Young Offender Act reformed. "Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story" examines the events leading up to the attack on Jonathan and follows his agonizingly slow recuperation during the months that follow - his struggle to regain speech, learn to walk again, and finally, to come home.

"The film explores Jonathan's story, his father's attempts to have the Young Offender's Act reformed and the issue of youth violence which has become so disturbingly pervasive in today's society," says Producer Mary Young-Leckie. "In Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story, we see how gangs, drugs, gangsta music, brutal video games and the anonymity of suburban life, all exert an addictive, powerful influence on our youth."

Playing the movie's central character is Tyler Hynes ("The Neverending Story", "Amazon") as "Jonathan Wamback". Hynes was selected as the winner of the "Young Artist Award" in April 2001, presented annually by a panel of industry professionals including members of the Hollywood Foreign Press. "Tagged" also features Marnie McPhail ("The Associates", "A Town Without Christmas") as Jonathan's mother "Lozanne" and Ron White ("The Arrow", "Total Recall") as "Joe Wamback". Rounding out the cast are actors Janet Laine Greene as "Nora", Christopher Jacot as "Kyle", Charlotte Sullivan as "Courtney", Ali Mukaddam as "Toby" and J. Adam Brown as "Gord".