Children of My Heart


TV Movie 2000

Based on the award-winning novel by Gabrielle Roy, Children of My Heart is the captivating story of a passionate, naive young woman Gabrielle, who takes on her first teaching job in a small prairie town during the Great Depression.

At first Gabrielle's biggest challenge is to win the respect of her students and their parents as she employs some rather unorthodox teaching methods. But gaining the approval of the townspeople is only the beginning. When her eldest student, a rebellious 15-year-old named Mederic expresses his love for her, Gabrielle becomes swept up in a battle between her heart and her conscience. Trying to suppress feelings stirring deep within her, she is ultimately forced to make the only decision she can.

A timeless tale of forbidden passions and hidden desires, CHILDREN OF MY HEART is a magical bittersweet account of true love found. And innocence lost.